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First GTS enrichment course

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

In addition to providing primary and secondary education, Give Them a Smile also aspires to educate its community in other areas.

During the long vacation, our 2019 enrichment course instructor, Daniel Binham, traveled to Madagascar to teach in Mahasoabe (our main region of focus). The admission to this camp was based on application. 40 children were chosen based on their motivation (13 - 19 years old).

The enrichment course started on September 16, ends on October 11 and focuses on four subjects.

  1. French-speaking: Malagasy students study French in school, as it is the second official language in Madagascar. However, they do not have the opportunity to practice it. Therefore, Daniel will focus on the speaking part.

  2. Internet skills: Internet is starting to be available in big cities in Madagascar, but many do not know what it is. Therefore, Daniel will give an introductory class that will allow students to understand the basics of the Internet. He will also explain to them the use of the Internet to communicate, to learn and for entertainment.

  3. English: English is the third official language of Madagascar. Students receive basic English grammar class in school. However, very few speak English fluently, and the English class that students receive in school is rarely spoken and often goes to waste. Therefore, during this first enrichment program, Daniel will also focus on English pronunciation, everyday expressions, basic grammar and syntax.

  4. Philosophy: This course teaches students to

  • reflect carefully on a question/idea/claim

  • uncover and challenge assumptions (including their own)

  • reason their way to a coherent answer/comment/counterexample

  • speak up (confidently) and share their thoughts

  • defend and/or modify their position in response to criticism

We thank College Saint Louis de Gonzague for allowing us to use their classroom and Mr Sebastien for his help. But most importantly, we thank Daniel for making this happen. We will tell you more about Daniel and the other team members soon.

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